Rebecca Solnit on Occupy and differences

Rebecca Solnit has written a great article on Occupy, relationships, differences, violence, and a lot more. A potent, passionate framing for our times, worth a full, reflective read.  



Published on Tuesday, February 21, 2012 by

Mad, Passionate Love — and Violence: Occupy Heads into the Spring

by Rebecca Solnit

When you fall in love, it’s all about what you have in common, and you can hardly imagine that there are differences, let alone that you will quarrel over them, or weep about them, or be torn apart by them — or if all goes well, struggle, learn, and bond more strongly because of, rather than despite, them. The Occupy movement had its glorious honeymoon when old and young, liberal and radical, comfortable and desperate, homeless and tenured all found that what they had in common was so compelling the differences hardly seemed to matter…. more

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