We’re in the midst of a fundraising drive

Donations are understandably slow, given the economic downturn. Many good efforts are having trouble getting funding, as people hold onto their funds because of real shortage or to protect themselves and their families in an uncertain future.
This is understandable at a personal level. At a systemic level it has an unfortunate consequence: As things get worse, there are fewer resources available to make them better.
In the face of that fact, I want to suggest that the most potent way to “make things better” is to help shift the systems that undermine the health — and waste the life-energy — of human and natural communities. Remarkable systemic changes are possible right now as old forms become shaken by crises, for better and worse. This is a time of real potential for shift.

At the same time, the suffering of individuals and the destruction of nature cry out for assistance. But note that the more life energy we spend on ameliorating the suffering and destruction caused by problematic systems, the less is available for changing those systems.

How do we leverage our support and action to have the most impact on the overall suffering, destruction, and positive possibilities that we face in this century and the next?

We each need to make thoughtful decisions about how to best use our money and life energy, according to our needs, values, and vision. I want to urge you to take Paul Hawken’s words, below, to heart, and seriously consider setting aside funds to support change efforts that could make a significant difference.

You may or may not think that my work and the work of the Co-Intelligence Institute is the best investment. That’s OK. I just urge you to take the factors mentioned here into account, whatever you decide.

Please send a donation of any amount — $25, $50, $100, $500 or more — to
  The Co-Intelligence Institute
  PO Box 493
  Eugene, OR 97440
or use your Visa or MasterCard to make an online donation at
Your donations to the Co-Intelligence Institute are fully tax-deductible


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