CII fundraiser results – and some perspective…

What this message is about: We had a fairly successful fundraiser, but we’re still tight. It is interesting to contemplate tight times in the context of a country and world overflowing with wealth. What kind of collective intelligence and wisdom would help us get our priorities straight?

Thanks to all who participated in our June-July fundraiser. I’d like to express special thanks to our anonymous matching-grant donor of $5000.

All told we raised $11,890 – almost 60% of our target of $20,000. This will support four months of Co-Intelligence Institute activities at our minimal budget of $3000 per month.

We know these are tight times for most nonprofit organizations and many other people and groups, as well. We join them in tightening our belts further, economizing, and seeking other sources of support. Should you be inspired to support us again or newly, we would greatly appreciate it.

It is so thought-provoking to explore how wealthy modern society is, how ample money exists to provide all our needed public services, how only questions of priority stand between collective folly and resourcing the changes needed for a healthy civilization. For eye-opening examples of this, see about wealth and income and comparing military budgets to solving major world’s problems.  (Although this latter chart is 12 years old and the cost of solving major world problems has gone up, so have military expenditures, from $780,000,000,000 to $1,753,000,000,000.)

This odd reality inspires us to inquire: What kind of collective intelligence and wisdom would make us naturally prioritize activities that “promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity”? What kind of governance, politics, and economics would make such an approach our normal everyday business-as-usual?

We need answers to these questions if we are to survive as a civilization. We in the Co-Intelligence Institute will continue our research, dialogues, and advocacy on these issues. We invite you to join us in that adventure.

We also thank you for the work you are already doing on behalf of a better world. It will take us all to make the difference the world needs.


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