Visit this gorgeous site to build a wise democracy!

The Co-Intelligence Institute is today releasing a brand new knowledge-base of tools and insights you can use to participate in co-creating a wise democracy – all embedded in a beautiful, evolving website rich with possibilities.

I am excited to be offering to you the largest project I have ever undertaken, one that is peculiarly timely and useful today. I invite you to explore, at, a site that is beautifully alive, both visually and in its offering of principles and tools for creating a wise democracy.

You probably love real democracy wherever you can find it, as do we. And like us, you also probably believe it still needs a lot of work. So we imagine you appreciating a resource that will help people everywhere envision and co-create a deeply participatory culture that supports a thriving and healthy world long into the future.

So I’m happy to announce that the Co-Intelligence Institute is today launching a substantial (yet built to evolve) database of wise democracy guidelines, real-life examples, and accessible resources to help us all understand, re-imagine and transform the ways we co-create our shared world.

You can be one of the first to see and use this novel resource. And as you explore its tropical beauty and richness – and delve into the pattern language that underlies it – you may choose to become one of its ongoing co-creators, sharing insights and experiences that evolve it into an ever-more-powerful participatory tool to wisely address the challenges ahead.

But right now I invite you to just take a look and taste it. Visit If you like what you see and taste, join us for a shared journey that promises to be productive, exciting and enlightening for all involved.

We think our times are calling for it.


Tom Atlee, The Co-Intelligence Institute, POB 493, Eugene, OR 97440
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