Why is it so hard to make sense of what’s happening? (Sense-making – Part 2)

There are dozens of reasons why it is so hard to make sense of what’s happening. Here I offer two comprehensive resources to help you make sense of THAT – going into considerable detail and suggesting two different but very complementary strategies for dealing with it.

This post combines two documents – one a previous blog post of mine and the other a profound recent video by one of my favorite thinkers, Daniel Schmachtenberger (bio).

Both of these resources provide an abundance fascinating details details about how the information, knowledge and sense-making ecosystems we live in have degraded to the point that it is almost impossible for any of us to ACTUALLY know what’s going on. You’ve probably felt or suspected this, but may not have had the detailed clarity these resources provide. In these degraded systems, we each make sense as best we can, but so often find ourselves stumbling along with approximations, manipulations, and confirmation biases that leave us with too-shallow caricatures of reality and truth.

Each of the two resources provided here offer clarifying proposals for addressing this troubling cognitive predicament. And while we all have parts to play in bringing these proposals to life, they depend more on what we do collectively than what we do individually. For that reason, I consider them key to the development of collective intelligence, collective wisdom, and wise democracy.

Because each of these substantive reports paint detailed pictures, I’m going to keep this part of my message short so you can go right to checking them out.

Reality, truth and consequences
Tom Atlee – December 29, 2016

War on Sensemaking V (= Part 5)
Daniel Schmachtenberger – September 29, 2020

I believe it is worth our time to take seriously the implications and guidance of one or both of these pieces. I see them both as game-changers in the world of sense-making.


PS: Stay tuned for more on this topic in upcoming posts in this series, currently under development.


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