A unique gift and an ask

As a gift to you as a reader of this blog, Co-Intelligence Institute (CII) board member Sita Magnusen has created A Patterning Ritual for Moments of Transition – a Miro template to support you in working with Wise Democracy patterns in your own life and initiatives.

If you already use Miro, just copy and paste the ritual onto your own Miro board and do the ritual with the virtual cards supplied in the Miro version. If you are new to Miro, we’re working on a more broadly user-friendly online version for early 2022.

If you want to do this ritual in the real world with purchased or self-printed decks of the pattern cards, see this document for instructions.

Many of us use Miro as a potent tool for collaborative work. Like many tools and processes, there’s a bit of a learning curve – and context matters in using it to enable co-intelligent ways of working. How we weave these tools and processes together, in specific contexts, to generate wise outcomes, is part of the co-learning adventure we want to embark on with you in 2022.

Our ask of you – if Tom’s worldview of a wise democracy and co-intelligent ways of working has inspired you, please donate to support Tom and our efforts in 2022. Your donation in December will be doubled! Your donation, of any amount, will send the message that you care about this work and will help us nurture an active learning network to grow our collective capacity for a wiser democracy.

We look forward to co-creating this next chapter of CII with you.

The CII board
Tom, Sita, Andy, Jennifer, Rahmin, Adin

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