9/11 conference demands transparency

Interesting conference entitled “We Demand Transparency” http://wedemandtransparency.com is being held in NYC on the anniversary of 9/11 to try bringing together the peace movement and the “truth” movement — the movement originally formed to challenge the highly dubious official 9/11 narrative but expanded into many other areas in urgent need of transparency (including the Obama administration). The linkage between the two movements is thought-provoking: For example, the official 9/11 story and subsequent lies gave us the Iraq war, and Gandhi’s nonviolence was framed as Truth Force. There is power in truth and transparency. Truth and transparency are also integral to collective intelligence. May these folks hold firm to real standards of truth and not suffer the fate of so many who doubt the powers-that-be, conjuring up more lies and imagined narratives to counter those of the dominant powers. It would be a fabulous service to us all.

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