Another remarkable evolutionary voice

As many of you know, I find the evolutionary perspective to be one of the most meaningful, powerful, and instructive worldviews I’ve ever encountered. I find fascinating efforts to bring science, spirit, and everyday life together into a coherent evolutionary whole. Accompanied by such adventurers like Peggy Holman, Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow, I have explored how evolutionary insights relate to activism and social change. These become, in the evolutionary light, the conscious evolution of social systems. Inspired by this worldview, I wrote REFLECTIONS ON EVOLUTIONARY ACTIVISM. Peggy produced her remarkable book ENGAGING EMERGENCE. Michael and Connie are currently developing compelling evolutionary guidance for everyday concerns ranging from relationships to addiction, from health to death. They will soon be teaching their practical insights in a course called “Evolutionize Your Life”.

At the heart of all these explorations of the evolutionary perspective is the mysterious power that comes from our deepening awareness of the unfolding miracle highlighted by both scientific and spiritual inquiries. This unending miracle, cosmological in scope, surrounds us totally in our everyday lives and courses through our veins and minds, inviting us, moment by moment, to wake up to its awesome clarity and abundance. I glimpse this inspiring evolutionary landscape — and then lose sight of it — many times every day. It is an elusive Presence in my life. I am always on the lookout for new voices to remind me, to open me into it again.

And I’ve found another. Just today I stumbled across a poetic prophet of this miracle, Pattiann Rogers. I feel called to share a bit of her wisdom with you. I find her poetic gifts help open my senses and sensibilities to the challenges and wonders of that miraculous immersion that passes for our humdrum existence.

I hope you enjoy her invitation into this deeper view of the life we live…






Song of the World Becoming

An Interview with Pattiann Rogers

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