The (R)Evolution of Occupy Wall Street’s Conversation

The viral story field set free by Occupy Wall Street is morphing and spreading to hundreds of cities. The multifarious conversation of transformation is popping up everywhere like mushrooms in a forest. Both alternative and mainstream media are filling up with it, trying to understand, trying to suppress, trying to spin, trying to ride the wave, trying to contribute to the motion, turning, turning, turning, turning up, turning down, turning toward, turning away, turning, turning…

The tidal wave is turning, turning;
We turn around and find we care.
Kaleidoscopes keeps circling, circling…
and (r)evolution’s in the air…

“Little wheels spin and spin, big wheels turn around and around…” — Buffy Sainte-Marie

The derivation of “converse” is “to turn together.” And the derivation of “evolve” is “to roll out.” It is well we should learn to do both these things elegantly.



Here is a taste of some of the truly remarkable articles on Occupy Wall Street that I’ve run across in just a few days:

“People ask about our demands, but we are not saying: ‘We’re powerless, we want to ask [someone else to address our grievances]’. If anything, we are going to list our goals as we are building them. It is about the world we want to see, a world we are happy to live in where we feel respected and our voices are heard and respected. It allows for continual evolution. We are building the community we want to live in and we’re doing it in public.” – Ari Cowan, a community organiser from San Francisco now with Occupy Wall Street

“Can we really cheer an increase in housing starts, when there are 19 million vacant housing units on the market already? Can we really applaud a new oil field, when the atmosphere is past the limit of how much waste it can absorb? Is more stuff really what the world needs right now? Or can we envision a world instead with more play and less work, more sharing and less buying, more public space and less indoors, more nature and less product? …. To those holding the reins of power, let us say, We will be your witnesses and your truthtellers. We will not allow you to live in a bubble. We will not go away. We will show you who you are hurting and how. We will make it awkward to do business, until your conscience cannot stand it any longer. We know, in the beginning, many of you will try to escape us; perhaps you will leave Wall Street for suburban corporate offices on private land where there is no “street” for us to hit. You might also retreat further into your ideologies of globalism and growth that deny the obvious. But nothing will stop us, because our tactics will constantly shift. In one way or another, we will speak the truth and we will speak it loudly. Where speaking the truth becomes illegal, we will break the law. We will not wait to be invited. We will enter, in some way, every physical and ideological fortress…. We the people are awakening and we will not go back to sleep.” – Charles Eisenstein (see link below)

Charles Eisenstein – This is really about the end game of our money-based economics and politics
(This is my favorite of this series. If you enjoy it, get his book “Sacred Economics”)

Occupy Wall Street seen from abroad – notes the primacy of changing the political system…

Occupy Wall St primer (Washington Post)…

Occupy Wall Street: the direct action committee driving the protest’s success…

Quick guide on one group process used in people’s “general assemblies”…

Think Occupy Wall St. is a phase? Then you don’t get it..

Naomi Klein: Occupy Wall Street: The Most Important Thing in the World Now…

The Moral Clarity of Occupy Wall Street (a bit “which side are you on?” but has as much light as heat)…

Robert Steele’s Occupy Wall Street Trip Report Oct 6 – promotes Electoral Reform…

Wall Street Protest Spurs Online Conversation on Inequity…
“What began as a small group of protesters expressing their grievances about economic inequities last month from a park in New York City has evolved into an online conversation that is spreading across the country on social media platforms….”

And if you want to see what inequity LOOKS like (statistically speaking) check out
Thom Hartman’s remarkable statistics and charts to clarify the 1% and economic injustice

And for another mind-boggle, here’s a book that shows how equitable societies (and states) are healthier than inequitable societies (and states) – by dozens of unexpected statistical measures!
The Spirit Level – by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett
(just to add a bit more fuel to the Occupy Wall Street fire….)

“True freedom does not come from consumer variety, but from a deep devotion to hearing all people’s voices. The times when I find myself most free are in communities like this one.” – Jesse A. Myerson, a freelance journalist who now does labor and media outreach for Occupy Wall Street


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