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I’ve been working on a piece exploring some of the many threads that have – or may have – contributed to the Occupy “phenomenon”. There are, indeed, many. I will share that later. In the process of researching this, I came across an article that describes and clarifies so much that I don’t want to let it wait for the other pieces to be pulled together. So here it is.

This article appeared in Bloomberg Businessweek, published by Bloomberg L.P., which was founded by Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City who recently ordered Zuccotti Park to be cleared of OWS encampment.  I find that fact fascinating. I’m not sure if it is simply ironic or indicative of something more substantive. But the article is a mind-opener on many levels.

Blessings on the Journey.




David Graeber, the Anti-Leader of Occupy Wall Street
Meet the anthropologist, activist, and anarchist who helped transform a hapless rally into a global protest movement
By Drake Bennett

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