Some evolutionary/systemic definitions

I find this set of definitions presents a guidance-laden worldview based on an expanded application of the evolutionary principle of “fit”.

Fit – having qualities that match the realities and demands of a context (situation, environment) — usually in service of a purpose, often (implicitly) survival or thrival. The larger coherent wholeness produced by elements each of which match the realities and demands generated by the others.

Right relationship – the ways in which an entity is a positive element in the evolving fit or wholeness (health, wellbeing, or coherence) of another entity or a system

Integrity – the coherence or congruence of different aspects of oneself — especially words and actions — in relationships with those around one. A WYSIWYG personality, especially when it aligns to the highest ideals of the culture.

Big Integrity – being in right relationship with reality, especially with the systems in which one is a part, contributing to their coherence, their healing, and/or their evolution to a higher-order coherence, especially through the very essence of who one is

Responsibility – the intention and/or ability to respond creatively in ways that form or sustain healthy fit; the intention and/or ability to maintain right relationship (to people, to oneself, to the situation, to life) in changing or challenging circumstances; the intention and/or ability to meet challenges in ways that serve the well-being of the whole system. The active mode of the state of integrity. Big Responsibility – the intention and/or ability to proactively and creatively serve the well-being of a whole system, including its parts, its relationships, and its connections to the systems around it or of which it is a part. The active mode of the state of Big Integrity.

Blame – ascription of narrow causation to one or more elements in a problematic system in ways that obscure the causative, contributory, or participatory roles of other elements in the system

Grace – the innate and ongoing tendency or dynamic of entities, systems, and reality towards wholeness (health, healing, wellbeing, resolution). Also, the factors manifesting that tendency in a particular situation, seen as a coherent causative force.

Compassion – Narrow: being a companion in the life experience and longings of another, especially when it involves (effectively) partnering their desire to relieve their suffering. Broad: Experiencing the subjective dimension of all life in a system — especially of those entities who are or could be suffering as a result of systemic conditions — and actively participating in the Grace that appreciates, heals and transforms that system towards the fitness and wellbeing of all involved.

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