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Six Paths to Greater Empathy

Big Empathy is about expanding our empathy to embrace the suffering and well-being of more of life, more deeply, more competently, and …

Sandy Hook: Individual and societal madness and healing

My friend and colleague Miki Kashtan has written a compelling article exploring the interconnectedness of personal, community and social dimensions of the Sandy Hook crisis,”Adam Lanza and All of Us”…

Diversity is as big as the universe

Recently, thanks to a subscriber, I reread my article from several years ago – “Diversity is as big as the universe”. It covers a lot of ground well and I think you’ll enjoy it.

#Occupy Listening and Process: Mic Check!

Some people have asked why I am focusing on the Occupy movement. There are so many aspects of transformationally relevant co-intelligencebeing explored in and evoked by this movement, whether or not we are politically involved in or motivated by i…