How I stumbled into the visionary beauty of citizen consensus councils

I’ve stumbled on a 23-year-old video where I tell the story of how a vision I loved – about what citizen consensus councils could offer the world – emerged in my life through a series of accidental exemplary discoveries of such activities already happening. It ends with a wise insight I too often lose sight of when contemplating the metacrisis…

As my final post of the year I want to share with you this remarkable video that my friend Tirrania Suhood in Australia alerted me to just this afternoon.

In this video Jim Rough – founder of Dynamic Facilitation and the Wisdom Council Process – interviews me on March 7, 2000.

Despite the fact that this interview happened two decades ago !! it is anything but dated!  It so clearly and compellingly communicates some very important and inspiring aspects of what I’ve come to call “wise democracy”.  And my final statement contains long-forgotten clarifying words I really need to take to heart right now, in this strange period we’re in the midst of.  I think you just might find them as meaningful as I did.

So:  If you want an enjoyable way to spend a half hour as we move into the New Year together, I can’t offer you a better gift.

… Of course, I’ve cut my beard and hair considerably since that time – and my cap is now dark blue instead of white, but otherwise it is me and I like the idea of sharing with you the thoughts, visions and curious evolutions I sometimes find the right words for, especially when they are as fresh as this!

May our shared New Year’s journey be more generative than any of us can yet imagine!




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