Giving the gift of gifting

I spend a lot of time consulting and collaborating with groups working to shift social systems and cultures in major ways.  I do it at no cost to them.  It is a gift – to them and to the world.  And if they use any insights or resources I share with them, their actions become gifts to the world and to me – since they further my own reason for being.

Here are a few groups with whom I’ve shared initiatives, possibilities, and insights during 2019:

  •  A program to involve ordinary people in the governance of one of the world’s most diverse communities
  •  A global initiative to inspire, network and manifest a regenerative culture
  •  A movement to engage and uplift consciousness in the world of climate change
  •  An effort to realize deeper visions of democracy through the Extinction Rebellion movement
  •  A group planning to give thousands of people a vicarious experience of being inside a superb, multi-modal citizen deliberation
  •  A group planning to enable thousands of problem-solving conversations to be woven into an effective global collective intelligence
  •  And dozens of other evolutionary agents working behind the scenes for deep transformation in education, security, politics, governance, public engagement, community-building, and even visionary fiction.

I depend on your gifts to enable me to give my gifts, like those above and my many mailings and posts – all free.  The world we live in is a vast ocean of reciprocity.  I value our shared role increasing its ability to care for and enhance Life.

If you feel called to join the gifting flow of my work, please support the Co-Intelligence Institute with a donation of any size at

And if you like the idea, feel free to offer a gift in someone else’s name.  After all….

We are All.
In This.



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