We are all in this together – Part II

A poem suggesting that we are all very much together in the co-creative dynamics of the whole of life, even as we show up as our separate selves in our separate lives that are so much a part of what’s happening….

In the deep togetherness of the Whole


All that comes into being
is evoked, is called forth
  by relationship, interactivity, co-creativity.
Each being, each motion, each event
is called into existence
    by the dance of beings, motions, and events….


To understand this
is to honor self and other,
  and the knowledge we bring to each other,
     and the weave of the story
        in which we find ourselves together…

To understand this
is to work with the tides, the currents and the shores
   of the vast ocean of aliveness
     and to stand in awe
        as it becomes cloud, rain, snow,
stream, river, and ocean again,

for the dance, the conversation, the weave of wave and cloud
     is infinite in its forms, and is everywhere
     in and around us. 


And we can know that this is the way the world
  shapes itself,
  emerges from among itself,
  welcomes itself
  and becomes
      what is new,
     what is greater,
     what is wisdom,
      what is next
      what is us —


Good and bad are, themselves, part of this dance.
And yet we love that favored face of good
that brings to the dance
   beauty, meaning, joy, and life.

Wholeness and brokenness are, themselves, part of this dance.
And yet we love that favored face of wholeness
that brings to the dance
   healing, coherence, and sacredness.

Chaos and order are, themselves, part of this dance.
And, yes, we move to that favored place where they meet
and that blending brings to the dance its own motion —
   self-emergence, self-organization, self-evolution
       and self-transcendence.


Your being brings me mine.
My being brings you yours.
Our being brings us ours.
The world’s being brings us all.

There are treasures to find here.
There are creations to weave here.
There are realms and energies and wisdom
   waiting on the other side of our openness
      when we swing open together
          and spirit winds find their way
             in and through our minds.

Let us be of one Big Mind,
while vividly, fully ourselves,
while vividly, fully being brother and sister,
while vividly woven with all our relations
in one bright fabric, emerging forever
from the loom of our dance.

Let us find the Way
that is all ways,
that wakes us to the Whole way home
    and back again.


In the end, the message is so simple:

We are All.
In This.

And suddenly that simplicity unfolds
   into something intricate:

We are All.

  We are the world
    showing up as a body.

  We are universal consciousness
    showing up as our mind.

  We are everything
    showing up as one thing.

  We are the essence of humanity
     showing up as diverse people.

  We are interconnectedness Itself
    showing up as separate selves.

  We are every generation
    showing up as one generation.

  We are aliveness
    showing up as alive.

In This.

  This dancing day.
  This Story Reality. 
  This intricate universal Conversation.
  This fabric woven
of everything
by everything
deep in, around, and as us all


  making it…
  not making it…
    “We all live downstream.”
    “We are all connected.”
  The fingers of the Weaver, dancing on the Loom:
    “All my relations.”

We are all.
In This.

* * * * * * *

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