Final fundraiser: “The Whole Knows” poem

Dear friends,

My big-picture poem below is offered as a bright flash to mark the end of our summer fundraiser – a special gift from me to you. We still need $8000 to reach our goal, so we’d treasure anything you’d like to offer. As we work to nurture democratic innovations of, by and for the Whole, a donation from you can help keep us going. Share your support at


The Whole Knows

The Whole knows us
better than we know ourselves.
and It sees Itself in each of us
and invites us to See, as well,
Itself deep in ourselves and one another.

The Whole evolves, unfolds,
through all Its manifold selves and interactions
and longs for its next Beingness
through us,
through our longing.

And the Whole dreams Itself
through our dreams,
and visits Itself in our visions.

The Whole invites us
into what’s next,
invites us
into joining as partners
in the Whole unfolding Story.

The Whole loves our gifts and limitations,
our passions and our needs.
It calls us to Its service
through our gifts and passions—
guiding us through them
to our place
in the Whole unfolding Story.

And the Whole has a powerful purpose
for everything we lack:
It calls us to connection
to one another
and to Itself
through our limitations and our needs,
as the gifts of one
meet the needs and limitations of the other,
joining us all in a stream of evolving wholeness
flowing from lack to abundance,
carrying us through the gates of Hello.

The Whole is on the move
flowing through every detail of life.
Its current of life flows everywhere —
masquerading as us
giving, receiving, making, serving,
through me
through you
through this day
as I write,
as you read,
inviting us
to wonder together
into a Whole new world


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