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Summer 2011 Co-Intelligence Institute fundraiser progress report:

Funds raised so far: $3240 // Target: $20,000
Percentage of needed funds raised so far: 16.2%
People on our mailing list: 2088 // Days left before end of fundraiser: 10

Thank you to the 21 people who have responded so far!

If you value our work, please participate with a donation.

I don’t usually present another organization’s fundraiser in the middle of our Co-Intelligence Institute fundraiser, but this is an exception I feel strongly about.

Generating real wisdom together – not just knowledge and resources (as valuable as these are) – requires talking together. Furthermore, vast domains of our humanity flourish and deepen through conversation. And in both cases, the QUALITY of conversation makes all the difference in the world.

Collectively humanity now knows a lot about how to make powerful, enjoyable, meaningful conversations. A large and rapidly growing field of study and practice stewards these deeply human technologies and explores how to develop them further and use them better for broader benefit. These people bring to life a fundamental co-intelligence precept – accessing the wisdom of the whole on behalf of the whole.

Some of the most dedicated and creative people among those professionals are members of the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation. It is a home base, a learning community, an unparalleled resource – and it could be more. In my opinion, tNCDD nurtures one of the most important networks for the future of the planet. I consider its thrival essential. Furthermore, I have the highest respect for its co-founder and director, Sandy Heierbacher, a grounded, heartful, effective change agent. Her contribution to us all awes me.

NCDD’s resource center alone is a priceless gift to each and every one of us. See, in particular, their Beginner’s Guide and their “Best of the Best” page.

It goes without saying that I value any support you can give the Co-Intelligence Institute, But I want to urge you here to lend your support to NCDD, whether or not you donate to CII. As I tighten my own belt, I have given NCDD $100. Please read the note below that Sandy sent to me and other NCDD members and consider what you can do.

Thank you for taking a moment to consider this.


Dear NCDD Supporter,

Since 2002, the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation has served as a hub, a resource clearinghouse, and a facilitative leader for our dialogue and deliberation community. Together we have been the catalyst for extraordinary connection and progress across our field. NCDD is at a critical juncture, however, as foundation support has declined in recent years. We are turning to you to help ensure that NCDD remains viable and continues to serve these valuable roles.

As members of NCDD’s Board of Directors, we are asking you to contribute to the organization’s first fund drive. It begins today and will conclude on August 10th. Our goal is $10,000.

We hope you’ll consider NCDD’s accomplishments and potential and choose to support the work we’re all committed to

  •  NCDD supports and connects the growing dialogue and deliberation community – our conferences, list serves, blogs, forums and resources offer a unique and valuable way to expand and enhance the work of practitioners as they engage and mobilize people across partisan, ethnic, and other divides.
  •  Online, we have recently made our most respected and used resource – our website – simpler and more user-friendly. Now accessible to all, the new site has two must-see features: our Community News blog, where we keep you updated on some of the most important happenings and opportunities in our field, and our Resource Center, which boasts over 2,500 discussion guides, videos, evaluation tools, reports, books, and other tools. 
  •  The site also provides access to the wider public through our Beginner’s Guide, our Engagement Streams Framework, the 2010 Resource Guide on Public Engagement, and other essential resources. 
  •  Through last fall’s five regional events, we continued convening and connecting the phenomenal people doing dialogue and deliberation work across the country. In all, more than 700 people took part in the events, which were held in Austin, Boston, Denver, Portland, and Cupertino. We hope to continue that valuable role with a regional event in DC this fall and a larger national conference in Seattle in fall 2012!
  •  Lately NCDD has moved in several critical directions to position ourselves for the future. Our Board has many new faces and an entirely new role, working hands-on to aggressively pursue new financial opportunities and make sure that NCDD survives and thrives.
  •  We have submitted our 501(c)3 application for federal tax-exempt status – a move we hope will enable your contributions, membership dues, and other payments to be tax-deductible, and enable us to receive grant funds without working through a fiscal sponsor.
  •  In the past month, we have updated our membership structure as part of the need to make the organization more sustainable while retaining our commitment to inclusiveness and accessibility. 

NCDD has already made a major impact in the field, but there is so much more that can and should be done. If you believe in NCDD’s mission and find value in the resources, connections and opportunities we provide, we urge you to show your support by making a donation during our 3-week fund drive. All contributions are welcome, whether they are $1,000 or $25.

So, please visit to make your donation today! Help us reach our $10,000 goal, and thank you so much, in advance, for supporting NCDD.


NCDD Board of Directors

Marla Crockett, Chair
Paul Alexander, Immediate Past Chair
Lucas Cioffi, Treasurer
Courtney Breese, Secretary
John Backman
Diane Miller
Barbara Simonetti



Please send a donation of any amount — $10, $25, $50, $100, $500 or more — to

The Co-Intelligence Institute
PO Box 493
Eugene, OR 97440

or use your Visa or MasterCard to make an online donation

or tell some friends you know about our work, and invite them to support it.

Do let me know when you’ve mailed a donation, so I can add it to our tally right away.
Including your email address on your check will help me keep track of your gift.

You can also use the link above to arrange a monthly donation.

Your donations to the Co-Intelligence Institute are fully tax-deductible

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