my new book on evolutionary activism

I hope within the week to announce the availability of my new book REFLECTIONS ON EVOLUTIONARY ACTIVISM: Essays, poems, and prayers from an emerging field of sacred social change. It reframes activism as a conscious evolutionary undertaking and then asks what activism needs to be like to fulfill its evolutionary role and access evolution’s ancient, intrinsic wisdom about change. It has a strong spiritual sensibility while being grounded in evolutionary science, in the sense of scientific knowledge about the history and change dynamics of the world from the Big Bang through today. It was originally intended for people already enamored of the sacred Great Story of evolution who happen to have an “activist itch” that most writers and worldviews in the “conscious evolution” subculture don’t scratch sufficiently. But some initial signs suggest the book may have broader appeal than that, which would be great. I would love to be a catalyst for — though not organizer of — a movement for the conscious evolution of social systems. We shall see what unfolds… — Tom

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