Evolutionary Open Source Religion


I highly recommend this great article on Open Source Religion. http://www.searchmagazine.org/May-June%202009/full-opensource.html

Evolutionary spirituality is not an open source religion, as such, but it provides a sacred perspective — indeed, a whole sacred universe — from which open source religions could grow, grounded primarily in evolutionary science and related sciences.

The “religion” part of evolutionary spirituality refers to different people’s different ways of interpreting the significance of these scientific understandings: What do they have to do with human affairs? How should we symbolize, celebrate, and embody those realities of life? How should they guide us?

Given people’s different backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and religious traditions, they will naturally focus on (and be attracted to) different evolutionary truths and choose to symbolize and act on them in different ways, developing different rituals and different belief systems around them, just as the many different sects of Christianity have developed around the same Biblical text.

Evolutionary religions would naturally be open source, since they would seek to embody evolution, which itself embodies co-evolution, change-through-interaction and participatory transformation. We would expect a wide variety of views and practices to emerge from evolutionary science’s application to human affairs, just as we expect wildly diverse ecosystems to arise from DNA’s encounters with diverse environments and diverse languages to arise within different cultures and bioregions. In any natural or evolutionary situation or scene, co-creative diversity is the name of the game.

So let us begin. Let there be light! — and beyond! — a full spectrum of it!

We can explore this together on the evolutionary spirituality wiki

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