If I were a good tomorrow

If I were a good tomorrow,
I’d find the story that made me happen
And the people who lived into it
Till I became.
And I would support them if I could.

In the Co-Intelligence Institute we explore ways for people, communities, and societies to live their own best stories into tomorrow.

What are we? We aren’t a normal think tank or advocacy group. We’re not a community organization or professional association. We are independent explorers on the leading edge of the human capacity to generate the collective wisdom we need.

During this last year…

  • …We upgraded our Wise Democracy Pattern Language and published it as a gorgeous card deck for deeper learning and group applications.
  • …We ran a fabulous free class introducing the pattern language, began serious organizing for a community of practitioners, and posted scores of new resources for those practitioners – and for you!
  • …We continue working with inspired, brilliant practitioners on the ground working on Citizens Assemblies in the UK and elsewhere.
  • …We intensified our leading-edge research into what’s needed for powerful citizen deliberations, inclusive stakeholder collaborations, and collective sense-making.
  • ….Through interviews, pro bono consultations, blog posts, podcasts, presentations and a conference we shared our unique views on wise, regenerative culture and challenges like polarization and climate disruption.

In the coming year we plan to continue all these efforts, intensifying our engagements with groups like Extinction Rebellion’s Future Democracy Hub and Fellows of the Royal Society and organizing in the SF Bay Area a 21st century version of Canada’s “The People’s Verdict” experiment that gave millions of people an intense vicariously immersive experience in powerful citizen deliberation.

Each day brings new connections, new insights, new possibilities…. and we pursue those as we are able, with the resources we get from supporters like you, as transformational energies in the world around us grow ever more intense, rippling in all directions….

So here we are, with 2020 almost upon us. Giving Tuesday is over. The end-of-month campaign fundraisers have quieted down a bit. The holiday tide is moving in as the crazy waves of news roll on and on.

Here at the Institute we welcome your help continuing our unique work for the world, for the children of our grandchildren, for the immense possibilities beyond today’s business-as-usual. Anything you can happily afford will feed our spirits and give us the wherewithal to move into next year’s adventures in transforming the ways we are all living into tomorrow. Send us whatever support you can at http://co-intelligence.org/donations.html

Thank you so much.


* * * * * * *

Winter 2019-2020 Co-Intelligence Institute Fundraising Campaign note:  Our target is $20,000. We can really use your support for our ambitious agenda. Please donate now. It will make a big difference and your donation is fully tax-deductible in the U.S.


Tom Atlee, The Co-Intelligence Institute, POB 493, Eugene, OR 97440

Evoking and engaging the wisdom and resourcefulness of the whole on behalf of the whole

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