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The Wise Democracy Project website has had a dramatic upgrade that allows visitors to look through all the wise democracy pattern cards on one page – and we’ll have a personally hosted tour exploring the whole site on Sept 5.  We invite you to visit!
I want to quickly invite you to visit the newly enhanced Wise Democracy Pattern Language website – and to participate in a free site tour on September 5th.
As many of you know, the Wise Democracy Pattern Language articulates 70 design elements (or “patterns”) for creating activities and institutions that call forth the wisdom and capacities of the whole on behalf of the whole – with more patterns in the works.  For each pattern we’ve created an illustrated card with a short description, as well as a unique webpage rich with resources to help you explore and apply that pattern.  Not only is the full deck of 70 pattern cards freely downloadable (as a printable pdf), but now every card in the set can be readily explored all together on one beautiful webpage.
This “portfolio view” is the main thing I want to share with you in this message.  I invite you to take just one minute – yes, just one – to visit that page.  That brief glimpse will tell you instantly if you want to explore it further.  What’s great about the cards visible in the portfolio view is that they provide a lot of meaning in easily digestible “chunks”, gorgeously illustrated and delightful to scan through.  Check it out.
If you’d like to learn more about the pattern language and the site, please join us for a free “open house” videoconference site tour that I will personally host on September 5th.  I hope to see you there.
Also, if by chance you’d like to know more about the roots and developmental history of the pattern language (and my overall work), check out the article that Rosa Zubizarreta and I published in the most recent Spanda Journal (see page 45) – “The Embodiment of Wholeness in our Social Order: Our Evolutionary Challenge as Humans”.  The journal’s theme this time was “Collective Enlightenment” and the whole issue is filled with fascinating articles.
I hope you enjoy any parts of this post you choose to check out.
PS:  A few weeks ago several of us in the Wise Democracy Project did an in-depth pattern language consultation with the great planning team for a major 2019 climate change conference.  Below are some of their comments after the experience:
“The Wise Democracy Pattern Language opens portals of compassionate insight for group facilitators who want to optimize outcomes. The guidance of the cards and the Wise Democracy consultants who helped flesh out the meaning of the cards for me enriched and vitalized my ability to think creatively about my human service. Tom Atlee is an inspirational model of patient and attuned listening and presence. His cards make a stunning contribution to leadership potential at a time when true leadership is scarce. We need this orientation towards conscious, proactive witnessing if humanity is to evolve. If you are called to lead, you need the Wise Democracy Pattern Language.” – Stephanie Mines, Ph.D., author of They Were Families: How War Comes Home, lead CCC19 conference visionary and organizer

“The Wise Democracy Pattern Language is a simple but profound tool that takes group communication to a higher level.  It offers a set of ‘idea constellations’, each providing a distillation of an important area of concept, principle or practice.  They are marvelously presented online (with downloads). Each pattern is offered in a concise essence, which then opens into greater depth (text, links, video, etc.).  In practice, the Pattern Language cards are a springboard to clear, rich and meaningful dialogue.  They enable a kind of ‘shorthand’ in conversation that allows a group to move quickly into greater levels of subtlety and complexity.  Without spending but a few moments mentioning ‘Deep Time’, for example, we were able to include its complex concepts into our discussion.  We could spring forth from the ideas, rather than having to introduce the basic premises. Though simple to use, they quickly generate communication with greater wholeness and depth.  I see them as a very essential step in the evolution of collective conversation.”  – Dana Lynne Andersen,  Founding Director at The Academy of Art, Creativity & Consciousness, CCC19 conference co-organizer and artistic coordinator

“The Wise Democracy pattern language cards and topics gave me a very good overview of the kind of things that I and we might wish to consider in both planning for, and then facilitating, this event.  Huge thanks to Tom and all of his team who have compiled such a comprehensive breadth of awareness.  I very much appreciate how the cards are structured with title, image, brief outline and then the opportunity to dive deeper through both video and text. Also the many links that are offered. I also particularly valued that, on the call, we did not slavishly adhere to a format that was tied too closely to the cards but, instead, saw the cards as windows through which we could look and then allow the dialogue to unfold from there.”  –  Robin Alfred, Executive Coach, Trainer and Consultant, Findhorn Consultancy


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